A Hockey Program for Our Son

My son loves to play hockey, and he is quite good at it. I know that most parents probably feel that way about their child’s ability, but our son really does have talent. He was on a local kids’ team, and the coach told us that we should get him into a youth speed and agility training program. He told my wife and I that our child had raw talent, and a program like that would help shape him into a future athlete who can really go places. He even referred us to where we ended up going, which was Landow Performance.

What made us feel so good about this is that he told us that he had never told a parent to build their child up this way. He knew that our son had potential though, and he also knew that this training center would help him leaps and bounds above what he could. Before we went all in, I did want to check it out. I went to their website first to find out more information, and I was extremely impressed by everything that I read there. The owner has helped so many professional athletes that it is a bit overwhelming, truth be told.

I then looked at the hockey program to see what all it entailed, and I was happy to see that it did cover so much that he would not learn in the program that he was in. Even before it begins, there is an evaluation that includes corrective exercises, then there is the development stage that includes everything from speed and reactions to actually absorption for huge hits. Everything is included, which means nutritional help too, which is more important than a lot of people might realize. When we showed it to our son, he was quite excited. I can tell he is going to be going places!