Getting Equipment for Our Gym at Home

When I was looking at exercise equipment for our home, I wanted things that we would like to use and would have longevity. I already get up while it is still dark outside, and I did not want to add a daily commute to the gym as part of my routine. We converted the game room in our house into a gym that has weights and fitness equipment. I looked for a long time to find the best elliptical exercise machine that we would both like.

The pro model ellipticals have heavy flywheels. They are what give you that feeling of stability when you are using the machine. Flywheel assemblies can take that rotating motion of a heavy metal wheel and use it to impart lateral stability as well as a feeling of steadiness for the motion you go through on the machine. Elliptical machines with lightweight components are not going to feel like the pro models at the gym. You need to get good equipment for your home gym, especially if you are actually going to use it every day.

I suppose the casual fitness enthusiast could get away with buying those department store models of treadmills, elliptical trainers and even universal gyms. They probably would hold up to the person using them that only puts in a few weeks per year getting or staying fit. My wife and I exercise four times per week without fail. Well, we do take time off for illnesses. We have to stay fit for our jobs, and we prefer working out at home. We have had gym memberships over the years, and we do use hotel gyms when traveling or on vacation, but we like our home gym the best. We are used to our routines, and we do not have to wait to use anything.