I Am Winning the Battle of the Bulge

There are so many different diet programs out there. I knew that I needed to try one because doing it my own way in the past has never resulted in success. I may have lost a few pounds here and there, but I always gained them back, and sometimes even more! I decided to look at some reviews of different diet programs, and I knew as soon as I read the South Beach Diet overview on a website that it was the one that I wanted to try for myself.

I liked it right off the bat because it was created by a cardiologist for his own patients. The success rate was so extreme that it just took off from there and is offered to anyone who wants a lifestyle change to become healthier. It is comparable to other diet plans in that it is a meal delivery service. The meal plans are customized for people based on what they want. I am a vegetarian, so I was instantly drawn to this because of the vegetarian meal plan available. I also liked that it is designed to allow people to lose weight quickly but not so fast that it is unhealthy.

Another great part of this plan is that I really do not have to do much as far as tracking things. I have counted calories in the past, and tracked my exercise, but I still never lost the weight that I wanted. I don’t have to worry about tracking that with the South Beach diet though. The meals are delivered in the right portion size, and they are actually really good. I was expecting a bland selection because diets are never fun, but this program proved me wrong. I am finally winning the battle of the bulge thanks to the South Beach Diet.